Friday, March 30, 2007

One Vlogosphere

Mike Meiser suggests a theme for Videoblogging Week 2007:

In the past videoblogging week we had a theme "vlogging dangerously"...
maybe vlogging dangerously is to challenge yourself... for us to challenge each other to cross boarders... maybe crossing the divide should be the theme for this years videoblogging week.

Try vlogging from a new platform... twitter.. or using linux... try vlogging
new places and people... try vlogging from youtube... or vimeo.

Maybe it's "one vlogosphere".

I somewhat hate the term vlogsphere, and somewhat love it... it makes me laugh every time I use it.

Maybe this years theme should be:

One vlogosphere, crossing borders, making new friends.

Maybe this years theme... maybe the big issue is all about acknowleging and celebrating all the diverse aspects of videoblogging.

Youtube and a thousand different webservices
the world wide
developing worlds
developing vlogging platforms
cheap camera's and accessibility
cheap tools
vlogging as simple as twittering

One vlogosphere, crossing borders, making new friends, acknowledging and celebrating all the tools, services and platforms that have spring up to make videoblogging so easy in the last three years.

It is a truly amazing thing when you think about it... how far we've come in the last three years. Maybe we should be celebrating that?


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Unknown said...

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